02 – Visual impairment, problem statement

by | Dec 27, 2020

Qualitative research

The original wider statement regarding potential implications caused by visual impairment in relation to mobile interactions led me to a more specific area of interest. After light research on the user, I established pain points related to time when the interaction takes place and the visual aspect of typography and colours of the apps she uses. 

Amblyopia vision
Amblyopia vision

‘When after a busy day working at the computer screen I am up to check some information on my mobile my eye is already tired. It is difficult to read text on apps and websites.’

Problem statement

To establish and narrow down the problem statement I interviewed Magda, who suffers from both amblyopia and nystagmus from early childhood. One of the apps she uses every day is Aladdin, an app for parent-school communication. By observing Magda interacting with the app I build empathy map, persona and scenarios. Furthermore, I narrowed down the scope of interest of this project and developed a problem statement capturing the user need.

Magda, a tech-savvy mother of 3, needs to effectively communicate with the primary school, exchange information and prepare kids for daily challenges in order to feel good about herself as a mother.

Empathy map
Empathy map

The app and methods of success measurement

The results of the evaluation of the Alladin app brought me to a wider problem, which is the typography and colours used in mobile apps overall. I decided to develop a way the user can compare levels of reading difficulty and then apply the results to improve the reading experience. 

Every decision we make can raise or lower barriers to participation in society (Incusive Toolkint, Microsoft 2016)

Great User Experience is...
Great User Experience is…


By Sebastian Hartleib