03 – Design development & application of design language

by | Mar 10, 2022

Design language

Best practice

GOV UK design system

We analysed design languages focused on accessibility that were proposed by IBM, Microsoft  and GOV.UK The structure and typography of the last one was our final choice.

Applying the language

When approaching the mock ups stage we decided to start with mapping the menu and sketch the information architecture to make sure the primary and secondary information is separated. Apart from the GOV.UK we have used the original Toastmasters Brand Guides in creation of the wireframes. According to the results of prototype test with our user, the familiarity of the visuals were a pros of the prototype.

Prototype & adjustments

Design iterations

The original high fidelity prototype was adjusted after testing with our user. Changes were  to include:

  • Spaces for explanation before the fields where user action was required.
  • Contrast of the footer was adjusted
  • Thickness of typeface of the buttons was adjusted

The final version of the high fidelity prototype is available for Desktop and Mobile

Design improvements.


By Sebastian Hartleib